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Bonn Park honoured with an Arts Awards Waterloo Region

Photo: Conan Stark

This week we were honoured with an Arts Awards Waterloo Region.

Our category was filled with wonderfully talented creators in our community and we are busting with gratitude and appreciation to be in such great company.

Fellow nominees included:

Tara Butler performing at the awards ceremony at Tapestry Hall in Cambridge.

With Tara Butler pre-performance. Can you spot Torin Langen in the background? His short film presentation was amazing!

Our thank you speech may have been short and sweet, but our podcast — created in Sara's kitchen — is a long form conversation with the fascinating and inspiring creative thinkers of Waterloo Region.

🎧 Listen here:

Thank you to the Waterloo Region Community Foundation and the Kitchener Public Library for your ongoing support of our show and our work as we take our storytelling into the world of filmmaking.

And a big thank you to everyone listening along and joining us in Bonn Park.

We got dressed up fancy. We took a picture, because it will last longer.


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