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Tell Your Community Driven Story

Looking to make a difference?


The Power of Community Storytelling

We're kind of like community match-makers. We create meaningful connections between organizations looking to make a difference, and people and places in the Waterloo region who can help them do just that!
We’ve seen first hand the power of corporate social responsibility initiatives, and we’re looking to bring more of them to life in Waterloo! 

Sara, Marshall and Angela sit on a couch and smile. Marshall is holding an old microphone prop.

• Support the arts

• Improve access to education
• Reduce your carbon footprint

• Support female empowerment

• Advocate for ethical business practices

• Break down barriers to mental wellness
• Invest in community giving
• Organize volunteer opportunities

Bonn Park Has Worked With

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Partner or Advertise with Us

Each of our community-driven partnerships are unique, but what’s constant is the powerful platform we provide to tell your story. 

Here are just a few ways you can connect with our community:

Sara & Marshall sitting on the couch with subtle smiles.
Marshall looks directly at the camera while sitting behind a microphone, wearing headphones  & a hat

Be the dedicated sponsor of a podcast episode and increase brand exposure through an advertisement collaboration personalized by Marshall Ward.

A stock photo of a close up microphone with a laptop and headphones in the background.

Create a personalized, hyper-targeted ad campaign delivered by Waterloo Region’s trusted community members -  Sara and Marshall.

Sara laughs behind a microphone while wearing headphones and sitting at a table with a laptop on it

Have an entire show created around your story and organization to promote a project, event, product or vision that's making a difference.

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