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Bonn Park Podcast alumni...Time to give back?

"Born out of the curiosity and creativity of two friends, Bonn Park Podcast has outgrown them. I see it, I know it. So, how can I help?"

~ Jacqueline Watty, Jacqueline Watty Consulting

Jacqueline Watty was a guest during the first season of the Bonn Park Podcast back in the summer of 2020

Have you been a guest on the Bonn Park Podcast? I have. And, I am thankful for the opportunity to share my message, both personally and with my volunteer work within the animal welfare sector of Waterloo Region and beyond.

Countless people have been on the podcast, benefiting greatly from the well-known and respected storytellers, Sara and Marshall. Bonn Park Media has received awards and many accolades and has become a local gem to many.

It got me thinking, I am kind of like an alumna of the podcast. To be a part of such an iconic method of communication in our community is humbling, and the podcast itself sheds light on many unheard stories and causes in Waterloo Region. It seeks to amplify the messages of many, challenge us to think about the way we view our community, and exposes truths about perhaps areas of it we were unaware (or unwilling) to think about and learn about.

As Bonn Park Podcast closes in on its 200th episode (say, what?), I thought about their funding model. True to my roots and career trajectory in fund development, business dev, and philanthropy, it is hard for me not to. Grants are great, one-off funding is awesome, but what about the longer term? Growth? Sustainability? How do we get Bonn Park to stick around?

Born out of the curiosity and creativity of two friends, Bonn Park Podcast has outgrown them. I see it, I know it. So, how can I help?

In the coming months, Bonn Park Podcast will be seeking additional community financial support at several levels. This support will allow them to plan according, and pursue additional help, to keep them afloat outside their basic costs.

Grants have covered the basics, and Sara and Marshall continue the show out of their love of the region and the people in it. However, to continue in the way they need to, sustainability is essential to their bottom line.

To learn more about how to support Bonn Park, contact

Like you, I look forward to many more episodes and content from Bonn Park Media

Check out Episode 26 of Bonn Park with guest Jacqueline Watty as she chats with Sara and Marshall about the evolution of the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth, advocacy and enforcement, misconceptions, and how every community should be a safe place for animals.




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